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Remco Eenink

In the Netherlands, Remco is the only Olympic Weightlifting coach who holds a German A license.

Remco himself has been an active weightlifter for nearly 20 years, part of which also as a coach of the Olympic Weightlifting Club in Assen in the late sixties and early 70s. Remco, born 16-07 – 1947, started at 18 years old with Olympic weightlifting and founded the Olympic Weightlifting Club KSA in Assen. It existed until 1974.

Remco is in the possession of the A License (High Performance Coaching License Level 4) from the German Olympic Weightlifting Federation and is also an IWF certified Olympic Weightlifting coach. He has also been a Member of the Technical & Scientific Committee for Coaching & Science of the European Weightlifting Federation (EWF) 2012 – 2016, and president of the European Union Weightlifting Confederation (EUWC).

Certified Trainer

In the Netherlands, Remco is the only Olympic Weightlifting coach who holds a German A license.

Happy customers

Remco has built a very good reputation in the weightlifitng scene and has a lot of happy customers.

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  • How to build muscles fast

    How to build muscles fast

  • Online video course Olympic weightlifting – High Performance Coach (Level 4)

    649.00 for 6 months
  • Online video course Olympic weightlifting – Senior Coach (Level 3)

    599.00 for 6 months

Why is this online video course a must for you?

In these online video courses I teach you everything you need to know to create training plans for every age group and for every training level.

Further I teach how to integrate general strength training/fitness and general fitness programs in your weekly training plan. You will know exactly what weekly volume, maximum – and average intensity per exercise to use for what experience group. Finally I will create a training plan together with you for level 3 and level 4 and show you each and every step of the planning for each exercise, each training session and each training week of the Macro Cycle and I explain each time in detail the how and the why of the choices that I make.
I also show you how you can use exactly the same methods for planning the strength training for athletes of other sports.

We offer courses for level 3 and for level 4 (high performance training) as online video courses together with a course book and downloads for various programming sheets in Excel for each level for you to use. In the Netherlands we offer also our course Olympic Weightlifting Coach Level 1-2 in group sessions. Our course books come with many complete training plans for a complete Macro Cycle from the first training session until the competition itself.

You cannot find this knowledge on the internet, nor in books. This is why these courses are so unique. If you are really serious about becoming an outstanding weightlifting coach, or strength coach these courses are for you.

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Client Testimonials

Remco is someone with a lot of love for weightlifting. His knowledge and experience are of a high level and based on years of experience. Key difference from other courses: no commercial bells and whistles!

Until next time Remco!

Rowin van Gerven, Of www.crossfitpanningen.nl

This training is an absolute must for (personal) trainers, who want to implement weightlifting in their training offer. The technique of pulling and bumping is discussed in detail, practiced and supported through a very detailed course folder. What I remember most is that the training is given by a trainer who acts from a passion for this sport and not from a commercial interest.
Roel Bors, AALO Teacher

If you want to be able to teach the Olympic lifts and their partial movements to others, which was my goal at first, you must of course also master the weightlifting yourself. As a result, I drove every Friday from Emmen to Assen for 2 years to be able to lift weights under the guidance of Remco.

As a trainer, Remco can combine the theoretical with the practical like no other. 

If you want to know everything about the sport of weightlifting and learn how to halt technically, then you’ve come to the right place at Remco Eenink.

Richard Moorman, Owner of The Gym Emmen

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