Free training program

To become the best Olympic weightlifting coach, you need the best weightlifting program for Olympic weightlifting. To achieve this, you need the best education program. In this program you will learn how to create training programs for amateurs and professional weightlifters, for men as well as for women, of any age and experience level.

The training program for every lifter

If you have the knowledge and are able to implement this knowledge, you can create training programs for everybody. It is even possible to create training programs for strength training in other sports. With this knowledge you know exactly which volumes and which intensities should be trained. You can use the knowledge to adjust the training program to the individual situation of your lifter.

A short view of the training program

Are you curious about what the training program looks like? In this video you can see how we create a training plan. This video is a short view of the system we use. This specific video is a fragment from the fourth week of the training program. In the video you see a model which you can use for the training program.

“In this course you can see me implement the theory in every step of creating the training program for a level 3 and 4 lifter in one of the many video’s. You can rehearse it as many times you want. I am truly convinced this makes our courses absolutely unique and the best courses in the world.” – Remco Eenink

Watch the video below


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