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In the Netherlands, Remco is the only Olympic Weightlifting coach who holds a German A license.

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Remco has built a very good reputation in the weightlifitng scene and has a lot of happy customers.

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Online weightlifting course for coaches

Courses Coach Olympic Weightlifting

You can follow these online courses to become:

  1. Senior Coach (Level 3)
  2. High Performance Coach (Level 4).

Who should you take this course?

Everyone who has followed a level 1 and 2 course, or covered the basics in Olympic weightlifting and wants to learn how to create the best possible training plans for each level and each experience group can sign up for our course level 3. After you have finished level 3 you can sign up for level 4. With our level 4 you learn everything you need to create training plans for top lifters (high performance training). In each course I show you every step of the way how to implement the offered knowledge into practical training plans.

Online video training

After subscripton you’ll get access to online videos on weightlifting to become a professional trainer. You can follow two courses:

Level 3 – Course Coach Olympic Weightlifting – Senior Coach
Level 4 – Course Coach Olympic Weightlifting – High Performance Coach

For more information about our courses also in a live setting please see:

live courses Level 1-2, 3 and 4 Courses Olympic Weightlifting (Please check if you are on the English page or the Dutch page for convenience)

Short view of the training program

Are you curious about what the training program looks like? In a video you can see how we create a training plan. This video is a short view of the system we use. This specific video is a fragment from the fourth week of the training program. In the video you see a model which you can use for the training program.

Order your video weighlifting course online

  • How to build muscles fast

    How to build muscles fast

  • Online video course Olympic weightlifting – High Performance Coach (Level 4)

    649.00 for 6 months
  • Online video course Olympic weightlifting – Senior Coach (Level 3)

    599.00 for 6 months


This online video training programme has been developed by Remco Eenink.

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