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Remco Eenink is the responsible coach for Olympic Weightlifting at Dutch Weightlifting Academy.

Remco is in the possession of the A License (High Performance Coaching License Level 4) from the German Olympic Weightlifting Federation and  is also an IWF certified Olympic Weightlifting coach. He has also been a Member of the Technical & Scientific Committee for Coaching & Science of the European Weightlifting Federation (EWF) 2012 – 2016, and has been president of the European Union Weightlifting Confederation (EUWC) .

Scientific publications: 
“A different approach, thinking out of the box”
EWF Scientific Magazine Year 2 Number 3 – January – April 2016 – by Remco Eenink

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General information Remco Eenink

2016 – now: President Dutch Weightlifting Association – NGB
2016 – 2017: President European Union Weightlifting Confederation – EUWC
2014 – 2016: Executive Board Member European Union Weightlifting Confederation – EUWC
2014 – 2016: Chairman of the Medical Committee EUWC
2013 – 2014: Member Board of Studies and Management “Weightlifting for Sports” EWF
2012 – 2016: Member Technical Committee Coaching & Science EWF
2010 – 2012: Chairman Dutch Weightlifting Federation (NOGB) and member on the board of KNKF
1976 – 2007: Teacher German language at Noorderpoort College, Groningen, Netherlands
1978 – 1984: Study Mandarin Chinese at Leiden university, Netherlands
1984 – 1985: Study Mandarin Chinese at Taipei Language Institute, Taiwan
1974 – 1976: Teacher German language at Meander College, Zwolle, Netherlands
1970 – 1976: Study German language and literature, Groningen, Netherlands
1969 – 1973: Military sports instructor Assen

In the Netherlands, Remco is the only Olympic Weightlifting coach who holds a German A license.

What does this mean? This is the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree in Olympic Weightlifting and is the highest coaching license in Germany issued by the German Olympic Weightlifting Federation. The program for this license lasts a total of seven years, including four years of theory courses in the various high performance training centers in Germany and three years of practical work as a coach at different levels.

After the A license it is possible to continue your studies at the Sportsuniversity at Cologne in Germany, a four year course. However this education is general and not specific for weightlifting. Trainers in the possession of a German A license have a dispensation for the first two years. The A license gives the coach in Germany the power to be able to train weightlifters at the highest international level.

Remco himself has been an active weightlifter for nearly 20 years, part of which also as a coach of the Olympic Weightlifting Club in Assen in the late sixties and early 70s. Remco, born 16-07 – 1947, started at 18 years old with Olympic weightlifting and founded the Olympic Weightlifting Club KSA in Assen. It existed until 1974.

In his early years Remco has trained a lot in Germany with the famous and very successful coach Josef Schnell. Josef Schnell created world record holders such as Rudolf Mang with many world records and Werner Kucera who held two world records. Rudolf Mang became world champion and was also winner of the silver medal at the Olympics in Munich in 1972. Remco has himself experienced what difference it makes to be able to train under the guidance of a top coach. His performance in Germany went from a total of 315 kg to 445 kg in just one year’s time in the then 90 kg category.

Remco also has trained weightlifters from the Dutch National team which resulted in participation in the European Championships, including:
Tino Selva from Sneek who in 1970 in the 75 kg category made a total of 390 kg consisting of 130 kg press, 115 kg snatch and 145 kg clean & jerk. In 1969 Remco started training Tino Selva in Sneek, who was considered too old for the national team. In two years time, Tino in the then 75 kg class  improved his performance as follows: press from 102.5 to 130 kg, snatch from 90 to 115 kg and the clean & jerk from 115 to 145 kg. This has earned him 11th place at the European Senior Championships when he was 33 years old.

Mehdi Doori – 77 kg category total 300 kg with a snatch of 135 kg and 165 kg in the clean & jerk in February at the National Championships 2012. Mehdi’s best training performance was a snatch of 145 kg and a clean & jerk of 177 kg in the -77 kg category in November 2012. An injury prevented Mehdi end of December 2012 to take part in the Last Chance in Veldhoven. The injury forced Mehdi  to stop training in February 2013. Mehdi did not have a Dutch passport and therefore could not start in international events for the Netherlands.

Stephan Benza – 94 kg category with a total of 311 kg a snatch of 140 kg and a clean & jerk of 171 at the U23 European Championships in Eilat in 2012, where he won the 6th place. An improvement of his best result with EK 21 kg in 20 weeks.

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Client Testimonials

Remco is someone with a lot of love for weightlifting. His knowledge and experience are of a high level and based on years of experience. Key difference from other courses: no commercial bells and whistles!

Until next time Remco!

Rowin van Gerven, Of www.crossfitpanningen.nl

This training is an absolute must for (personal) trainers, who want to implement weightlifting in their training offer. The technique of pulling and bumping is discussed in detail, practiced and supported through a very detailed course folder. What I remember most is that the training is given by a trainer who acts from a passion for this sport and not from a commercial interest.
Roel Bors, AALO Teacher

If you want to be able to teach the Olympic lifts and their partial movements to others, which was my goal at first, you must of course also master the weightlifting yourself. As a result, I drove every Friday from Emmen to Assen for 2 years to be able to lift weights under the guidance of Remco.

As a trainer, Remco can combine the theoretical with the practical like no other. 

If you want to know everything about the sport of weightlifting and learn how to halt technically, then you've come to the right place at Remco Eenink.

Richard Moorman, Owner of The Gym Emmen

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